Fresh Talent in the Ohana Public Affairs Team: Introducing Analoli Menéndez

We are thrilled to announce yet another valuable addition to our team, Analoli del Cueto Menéndez!

With a background in Law and European Integration, specifically in EU Environmental Governance, Analoli brings a unique set of skills and experiences that align perfectly with our commitment to driving positive change in the EU sustainability landscape.

Want someone with deep experience and connections in the EU to help guide your sustainability strategy? Get in touch!

Much like Karina, who we had the pleasure to welcome earlier this year into our public affairs consultants team, our new team member adds another layer to the multicultural blend that is Ohana.

Born in vibrant Mexico City, Analoli’s journey first led her to Madrid, where she spent her formative years, before moving to Brussels to pursue a master’s degree and expand her professional horizons.

Living in the heart of the European Union has provided Analoli with unparalleled opportunities, such as participating in conferences organised by the European Commission during the EU Regions Week and the EU Green Week 2022. These experiences allowed her not only to engage with like-minded professionals but also to consolidate her knowledge of the intricacies involved in navigating the EU policy-making world.

Before joining Ohana, Analoli honed her skills through an internship at a well-known global policy and market intelligence firm, and she also has experience working with property law.

Analoli’s main interests include EU environmental policy analysis and research, sustainable fashion, and circular economies, but her passion for sustainability extends beyond her professional life. Actively involved in the community, she often volunteers as project officer for the sustainable agriculture team at Generation Climate Europe, a coalition of youth-led networks addressing climate and environmental issues.

At Ohana, Analoli will support our work on Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), analysing the legislation, drafting recommendations for our clients and supporting our clients’ understanding and engagement on this very important legislation. As well as monitoring all the EU legislative and election developments to support our team and clients in keeping up to date with all the latest sustainability news from Brussels, and coordinating sustainability webinars. If this sounds like an area where you need support, get in touch.

We are delighted to welcome Analoli to the Ohana team and look forward to the impactful contributions she will make to our client’s success and to our collective efforts towards a greener EU.


Want someone with deep experience and connections in the EU to help guide your sustainability strategy? Get in touch!

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