We go beyond what you would expect from a traditional public affairs consultancy. The services we offer are based on a collaborative approach, with a strong focus on open and continuous dialogue. We strongly believe that, alongside our clients, we can help build a better world by promoting positive engagement and working hand-in-hand with all relevant stakeholders including institutions, NGOs and citizens. Find out more about our services below.


Before sending a quote or signing a contract, we take time to get to know your business and objectives. The time invested in meeting with potential clients to capture their specific needs, challenges, and expectations, allows us to offer tailor-made solutions for each organisation. This level of proximity is part of the Ohana approach and is ultimately what makes our strategies so effective.


Monitoring legislation means keeping up with all publications (official consultations, announcements, etc.) issued by the European Commission, Parliament and Council. It also means staying in touch with our network of contacts in the governmental sphere to gather the latest political information.

Our constant monitoring and careful analysis ensure that you will be promptly briefed for official consultations so that you can influence the bills that are relevant to your business. You will also receive regular reports containing critical updates to support your organisation’s planning regarding environmental issues and sustainable development.


Our strategy development process consists of five key steps, designed to explore aspects which are unique to each business, and which will result in a political engagement strategy that is tailor-made for your organisation.

  1. Training and awareness-raising: we will discuss the strategic value of public affairs and the importance of sustainable development to society and its stakeholders. We will also ensure that you have a good understanding of how European institutions operate.
  2. Vision and goal setting: we will pinpoint the issues you wish to address, your organisation’s position (proposed solutions or responses to existing policy) 
  3. Taking stock: we will identify all relevant political trends and assess your organisation’s current circumstances (existing position papers, action plans implemented, campaigns held, etc.).
  4. Stakeholder mapping: we will determine your organisation’s position on the political chessboard in relation to other players (NGOs, Member States, MEPs, etc.) and detect potential alliances or tensions based on each party’s goals.
  5. SWOT analysis: we will thoroughly understand your organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. By analysing these aspects, we will determine which stakeholders should be contacted, decide on an ideal message to convey and on the approach to adopt.


We suggest engagement tools rooted in reality, backed by figures and supported by specific examples. These tools can be written materials, such as position papers to accompany fact sheets or face-to-face interactions: we can organise events at the European Parliament, coordinate meetings with the Commission and the Member States, represent your organisation on panels and more.

Any proposed tools will not be set in stone and can be adapted and regularly updated in response to changes in the political landscape. Nor are they an end in themselves; these tools should work as catalysts to better an organisation’s governance practices.


In addition to developing a comprehensive public affairs strategy, our consultants will be available to represent your organisation at any political debate or event. This will ensure that your voice is heard by all relevant institutions and stakeholders and lend greater weight to your concerns. Our presence on the ground allows us to gather additional information and build stronger relationships with political decision-makers.


More than a set of engagement tools, your organisation will receive ongoing guidance from our team of public affairs consultants. After carefully analysing the law, we will help you implement strategic actions through personalised recommendations and dedicated training for all the departments involved.

Would you like to know how our expertise can help your organisation get ahead? Get in touch to learn more about Ohana’s public affairs strategy services and let’s work together.


At Ohana, we also offer our services in a webinar format, which can be ideal if your organisation doesn’t intend to engage with public institutions but needs to monitor the latest European policy developments and understand how they might impact your business. 

Our webinar services are offered as a series of live sessions held throughout the year, each consisting of a 45-minute presentation and 15 minutes for questions. The content of each webinar is specifically designed to cover the most relevant topics for your organisation and provide an in-depth analysis of the legislative proposals published by the EU Commission.

Contact us for more details on Ohana’s webinar-based services and how we can work together.


“Supporting a whole industry with a diverse range of competence and capacity is no easy task, and yet Ohana manages to do this effortlessly. Effectively communicating a complex topic to enable sustainable policy to be embedded into internal strategies and enabling our members to be business ready.

The Ohana team understands our needs completely, delivers above and beyond our expectations in a highly professional manner and are trusted by ourselves and our wider membership. They are knowledgeable, approachable and a pleasure to work with.”

—  Dr. Katy Stevens, Head of CSR and Sustainability, European Outdoor Group (EOG)



“Since 2021, Ohana Public Affairs has been supporting Protect Our Winters (POW) Europe through 1% For the Planet since the very beginning of its existence. Ohana’s expert support has contributed to POW Europe’s advocacy campaigns, guided the strategic development of our organizational priorities and helped map out the EU policy landscape alongside the development of advocacy strategies.”

— Dan Yates, European Partnerships Manager, Protect Our Winters Europe



“While Textile Exchange is not a ‘policy organization’, we recognize the importance of bringing the expertise and perspective of our members and our team into critical policy discussions that will shape the future of sustainable fibres and materials and our industry’s ability to reach our 2030 Climate+ goals. As a nonprofit organization, our partnership with Ohana Public Affairs is critical to our ability to identify priority policy issues and effective engagement strategies efficiently. The Ohana team is knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with.”

— Beth Jensen, Climate + Strategy Director, Textile Exchange



“Knowledgeable. Professional. Detail-oriented. Proactive. Fast. And generally a great pleasure to work with.”

— Michael Schragger, Founder & CEO, Sustainable Fashion Academy


“We have worked together for many years and I’ve watched Ohana grow from a ‘one strong woman – agency’ to a great and knowledgeable team. Ohana is a team with complementing experience, knowledge and skills. I fully trust them and, for me, they are part of my internal team. I strongly recommend them for everything that happens in Brussels.”

—    Pernilla Halldin – Global Sustainability Public Affairs, H &M Group