Founded in March 2019, Ohana’s story actually begins in the summer of 2017. During a 44-day hiking trip, covering over 1000km, Pascale Moreau realised that she desired to work for a specific kind of organisation which didn’t seem to exist. An experienced public affairs manager, Pascale was convinced of her ability to reconcile corporate interests and environmental concerns and decided to create the first public affairs consultancy exclusively dedicated to sustainability. The name “Ohana” was chosen to reflect the company’s philosophy and values, the idea of belonging to a ‘community’ and guiding our actions by their impacts on the collective.

Companies want to understand how the so-called “EU bubble” works, and the market was missing someone able to translate sustainability-related policies and decision-making procedures into simple terms. That’s where Ohana came in – a boutique public affairs consultancy making EU’s policies and processes easy to understand and readily actionable within organisations. Through what we like to call the Ohana approach, we develop tailored strategies based on the needs of each client and work in close proximity with their teams to make it happen. More importantly, Ohana is about driving positive change through public affairs and a fundamental belief that it is possible to work with businesses and help them grow while still advancing sustainability.

Ohana is a proud member of the 1% for the Planet movement and registered on the EU transparency register.


Pascale Moreau is an active citizen and nature lover who has been working in public affairs for over 15 years. Her experience is as diverse as the environment and includes industries like textiles, information and communication technologies, and healthcare.

This multifaceted experience has made her an expert in navigating the obstacles and opportunities involved in implementing sustainable development strategies and laws. Throughout her career, her keen ability to facilitate discussions and clarify differences, ultimately leading stakeholders to commonalities, has been a driving force behind changes within many industries.

In 2019, Pascale founded Ohana with the mission to help companies develop medium and long-term sustainable development strategies reflecting the risks, opportunities and realities present in their markets.

Pascale specialises in the textile industry, transparency policies and the EU product environmental footprint (PEF).

Rannveig van Iterson is passionate about sustainable fashion and textiles and making the sector fit for a sustainable, green future. She has extensive experience in engaging with policymakers, having worked with several NGOs.

In January 2021, Rannveig brought all her enthusiasm and experience to the Ohana team with the goal of increasing the synergy between industry and policy, establishing ambitious policies for incentivising the green transition.

Rannveig specialises in EU waste and circular economy policies, extended producer responsibility, climate & biodiversity policies and EU taxonomy for sustainable economic activities.

With a background in biology and science, Jędrzej is a public affairs consultant with a special interest in chemical regulations and sustainability.

Jędrzej’s confidence in working with technical information and solid research skills allow him to smoothly guide organisations through seemingly complex EU developments, addressing even the densest topics in a clear and comprehensive way.

In March 2022, Jędrzej joined Ohana in working alongside European sustainability frontrunners to advance and consolidate the green transition within the EU.

Jędrzej specialises in circular economy policies and EU chemical regulations, such as REACH. He also supports on biodiversity policies.

Joining the Ohana team in April 2023, Karina’s knowledge and enthusiasm around the topic of sustainable fashion not only adds a lot of value to our clients, but also enhances Ohana’s ability to drive lasting positive change within our society.

With a diverse background and extensive knowledge of EU policy making, Karina specialises in the EU extended producer responsibility, waste management and circular economy policies.

As a public affairs consultant, her experience and passion for sustainability align perfectly with Ohana’s ethos and vision for the future and she is keen on continuously using her expertise to help advance the block’s green transition.

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