Meet Karina: Ohana’s New Public Affairs and Sustainability Expert

Ohana’s continuous growth means that we are once again expanding our talent base, now welcoming the brilliant Karina Grucka to the team.

Karina’s diverse background and extensive knowledge of EU policy making will not only expand our team’s possibilities to generate positive impact but also elevate the level of support offered to our clients throughout their unique sustainable journeys, as you’ll discover below.

Want someone with deep experience and connections in the EU to help guide your sustainability strategy? Get in touch!

Born in Poland, Karina’s curious and explorative spirit took her all the way to Portugal and the UK, before finally settling down in Belgium. Always searching for unique learning experiences, during her time in Portugal she participated in an International Management Trainee programme for the largest retail company in both Portugal and Poland; a perfect opportunity to leverage her background in International Business Management and Sustainability.

Prior to joining Ohana, Karina worked at EPPA, a European association for sustainable construction product manufacturers, and at the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union. While at AmCham, her work was focused on environmental topics such as chemicals and circular economy, and resulted in a deep understanding of the particularities of EU policy making, especially when it comes to sustainability matters.

As a public affairs consultant, Karina specialises in the EU extended producer responsibility, waste management and circular economy policies, and is keen on continuously using her expertise to help advance the block’s green transition. In addition to those subjects, her knowledge and enthusiasm around the topic of sustainable fashion will certainly add a lot of value to our clients and enhance Ohana’s ability to drive lasting positive change within our society.

Karina’s experience and passion for sustainability align perfectly with Ohana’s ethos and vision for the future, and we are excited to be adding such a talented professional to our already highly-skilled team.



Want someone with deep experience and connections in the EU to help guide your sustainability strategy? Get in touch!

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