New Talent at Ohana: Meet Jędrzej and Luca

Ohana is growing and thrilled to announce two brilliant additions to our team of experts!

After the talented Rannveig van Iterson joined Ohana in January last year, it’s time to introduce our new public affairs consultants, Jędrzej Nadolny and Luca Boniolo.

Both Jędrzej and Luca joined us in March, and have each brought a strong and unique set of skills to the table. Despite the growth in numbers, Ohana is a boutique consultancy and will remain that way. Only now with an extended ability to support Europe’s most forward-thinking organisations in their sustainable journeys. Let’s get to know our team members a little better.

Want someone with deep experience and connections in the EU to help guide your sustainability strategy? Get in touch!

Jędrzej Nadolny

With a background in biology, Jędrzej Nadolny is anything but your typical public affairs consultant.

After completing both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in neurosciences, Jędrzej worked in different fields of research before moving on to Brussels and a traineeship in the European Commission.

The time spent within one of Europe’s most important institutions gave him a privileged understanding of the dynamics involved in developing and influencing public policy. Captivated by Brussels’ atmosphere, Jędrzej expanded his experience towards sustainability-focused public affairs, and a special interest in the textile sector led him straight to Ohana.

His confidence in working with technical information and solid research skills allow Jędrzej to smoothly guide organisations through seemingly complex EU developments, addressing even the densest topics in a clear and comprehensive way.

Specialised in EU chemical regulations, such as REACH, and microplastics policies, and supporting on biodiversity policies, Jędrzej takes great pleasure in working in close proximity with clients to develop truly customised sustainability strategies.

Luca Boniolo

Born in South Tyrol, a multi-lingual province in the Italian Alps, Luca Boniolo is a senior public affairs consultant with a passion for politics, mobility and the green transition.

Luca’s main interest is to work alongside organisations with ambitious visions for their sustainability journeys which, in turn, means supporting the EU’s environmental plans. All of this, of course, is right up Ohana’s alley, and his extensive experience and enthusiasm for EU sustainability policies made Luca a natural addition to the Ohana team.

Luca brings a solid and in-depth understanding of the EU policy-making process and how to successfully engage with policymakers and other stakeholders. A skill set that is instrumental in helping our clients navigate the ever-changing European landscape.

His expertise in EU circular economy and due diligence initiatives speak directly to many of the goals included in the European Green Deal, which impacts organisations from all sectors. A specialist in EU eco-design and social policies, Luca also offers expert support for companies in the textile industry looking to keep up with the changes proposed by the new EU Sustainable Textiles Strategy.

We are excited to have both Jędrzej and Luca on board and strongly encourage you to get in touch with them to talk about their respective areas of expertise.



Want someone with deep experience and connections in the EU to help guide your sustainability strategy? Get in touch!

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