Ohana Public Affairs: Taking EU Legislation Monitoring Services to the Next Level

In the rapidly changing EU sustainability policy landscape, having appropriate guidance from subject-matter experts can be invaluable for companies interested in staying ahead of the game and turning emerging challenges into business opportunities.

As a boutique public affairs consultancy focused on sustainability matters, Ohana consistently goes beyond the standard approaches to public affairs, taking standard services such as policy monitoring, to the next level. To better serve and support Europe’s most forward-thinking companies, we offer tailor-made EU policy monitoring services in combination with in-depth webinar series, which turn informative monitoring reports into clear courses of action.

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Ohana’s Approach vs Traditional Approach to Policy Monitoring

Standard policy monitoring services provided by most public affairs agencies involve basic tracking and reporting on legislative developments and political events taking place within the European Union. While these services are certainly valuable, they often lack the kind of nuances required to effectively support business leaders in making strategic decisions to advance their company’s sustainability goals.
At Ohana, we understand that the same policy update can generate very different impacts for each company, even within the same sector, which is why we make a point to steer away from one-size-fits-all approaches in delivering our services.

In relation to policy monitoring, this means tailoring the monitoring activities themselves, as well as all our reports, to guarantee that every initiative and piece of information is adjusted and relevant to our client’s reality.

Through the deep-dive webinar sessions we offer to our client’s teams, we are then able to contextualise and offer in-depth explanations regarding what each piece of legislation entails, its relevance for their specific industry, and the potential impacts for their business in particular, considering both the client’s current circumstances and sustainability goals. Along with this thorough analysis, our clients will also receive a set of initial recommendations outlining what they can do to prepare for the changes on the horizon.
As part of our customised approach, and to guarantee the highest level of service, each webinar is prepared and conducted by a specific consultant within the Ohana team, who specialises in the topics being discussed.

Our EU Policy Monitoring Services

The scope of the monitoring is defined in collaboration with the client, by identifying the most relevant pieces of legislation, as well as any keywords which should be tracked across various social media channels and EU institutions’ or stakeholders’ websites.

A customised report with the results of our monitoring activities is shared with the client via newsletter with a frequency that is tailored to the needs of the client. The report typically includes:

  • Updates on policy developments per topic or initiative, along with a high-level analysis of the potential impacts on the client;
  • Updates on the policy’s timeline;
  • Information about any events that could be of interest for the client to participate in, listen in, or to which Ohana can send a team member to report on;
  • Reports from key events within the European Union Parliament and from conferences organised by the European Commission or other key stakeholders.

The newsletter containing the report can also be customised to include the client’s logo, in case there is an interest in circulating it further within the organisation.

Clients are also offered a monthly 30-minute touch-base meeting with one of our expert consultants in case of any questions.

Ohana Public Affairs Live Webinar Services

As previously mentioned, Ohana Public Affairs legislation monitoring services are paired with tailor-made EU sustainability webinars, which are always prepared and delivered by expert sustainability consultants specialised in the subjects covered.

Our deep-dive live webinar or training sessions have a duration of one-hour, including time for questions, and are recorded for our client’s convenience. There is no limit to the number of employees who can participate in these sessions and the presentation, along with any relevant links to further reading, is shared with the team after each session.

While each webinar or training is completely unique and customised to the client’s specificities, the standard structure of the sessions would be the following:

  • An overview of a specific piece of legislation;
  • The main obligations for companies in scope;
  • A timeline for implementation and compliance;
  • Update on where that specific piece stands within the EU policymaking process;
  • Mention of stakeholders the client could partner with to share best practices and prepare for compliance;
  • Recommendations of how the client should prepare for compliance.

From software companies, such as Vaayu, to global apparel brands like H&M Group and associations such as the European Outdoor Group, , Ohana’s awareness-raising and capacity-building webinars have supported organisations in advancing their sustainability strategies and being ahead of the upcoming EU sustainability legislation.

If you would like to find out what our team of experts can do to support your business’ sustainability ambitions, simply contact us and we will discuss the ideal solution for your company’s needs.



Want someone with deep experience and connections in the EU to help guide your sustainability strategy? Get in touch!

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